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Electric scooters run on batteries and consequently, electric powered scooter is usually very quiet and free from air pollution. An electric scooter is also highly cost effective, running on approximately 0.05 USD per day to charge.
Another consideration is that the electric scooter is allowed on public transit, such as buses, trains, and planes. The small and compact size of the electric scooter makes it perfect for short communication inside the city since the scooter can navigate between traffic and crowded streets.

Electric Scooters are also easily transportable so that there is not need for a parking space since a scooter can usually be taken up to the office and just stuffed under a desk or in a closet.
Electric scooters also make excellent recreational vehicles. They are perfect for moving around shows, fairs, or other events, or just for enjoying scooting.
Electric scooters also offer a source of reusable energy. Instead of burning fossil fuels every trip, electric scooters can be recharged by plugging the scooter into the wall and recharging it until it is ready to run.

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Normally, gas scooter is faster than electric scooter. A gas scooter is more convenient than an electric scooter in that you can simply pull into any gas station for a refill, unlike an electric scooter where you have to actually plug the battery in to an electrical outlet and allow it several hours for charging.

A gasoline powered scooter is usually going to be noisy. Gas scooters usually have better performance and don't require waiting for them to charge up after use. You simply refill with a gas/oil mixture and go.

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China is becoming the biggest manufacturer of scooter in the world, but many of Chinese scooter manufacturers make cheap and low quality scooters: poor welds, cheap quality bolts and nuts, misaligned drive lines and so on. As one of the top scooter manufacturers, UFREE scooter is committed to make scooters with high quality and competitive price.
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